11 Great Travel Tips


11 Quick Travel Tips for Gay Men



Gay men love to travel and explore the world. Vacations can range from destination circuit parties and pride festivals, to beach holidays, hiking adventures and independent tours of countries overseas. Here are 11 quick travel tips for gay men to make your next gay travel adventure safer and more enjoyable:

1. Plan your trips . Find out what sites there are, festivals and events in the area during your stay, and the best places for nightlife, attractions, beaches, shopping, and food. You don’t want to show up and not have a plan or wonder what to do or where the gay village is.

2. Stay in the gay village. Or make sure you hotel is gay friendly. You don’t want to show up and find out that your hotel is on the other side of town as the gay village and that you’ll have to spend $25 in cabs every time you want to go out. Plus you’ll want to stay where you know it’s safe and you’ll be comfortable.

3. Use social networking to meet up with other locals; locals will show you the best places to visit, hang out at, eat, and drink.

4. Be aware. If you’re not familiar with the area of local customs, you could get yourself into trouble. Sadly, not all neighborhoods are gay-friendly.

5. Don’t use paper maps. You become a target as an obvious tourist. It’s ok to use maps on your iPhone. Before leaving your hotel, get the directions and know the route.

6. Hang out a gay bars. Talk to the bartender and say hi to the locals. They’ll make sure you have a good evening and introduce you to other people with similar interests.

7. Pick up the local gay newspaper. It’ll be full of current events and things to do in the area.

8.Don’t pack a ton of crap. Gay’s are famous for over-packing. Face it, you don’t use half of it, plus you’re going to be shopping for new shirts and shoes anyway. Pack light leaving and come home full of new things.

9. Remember to take lots of photos. You don’t want to forget where you’ve been. Plus, if you meet some locals and become friends, you’ll want those memories. You just might meet up again.

10. Drink lots of bottled water. May people complain of being sick on vacation. Drinking bottled water keeps you hydrated plus it’s safer than drinking the local water, which your body isn’t accustomed to. You may also want to take an immune booster like Cold FX or Emergen-C.

11. Stay in contact. Most coffee shops and hotel lobby’s have free WiFi. It’s easy to send an email back home to let people know you are safe. If you have social media, post updates and photos. If something were to happen to you, at least there’s a trial of where you’ve been and what you’re up to next.


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